Time is brief What is your life It'' ' ' s even a vapor that appearth for a little time and after that vanisheth away If someone had in fact notified me when I was 20 years old that life was truly quick and would pass easily I woulden'' ' ' t have beleived it and if i tell you that you put on ' ' t beleive it either I can not get young individuals to comprehend how quick life is how quicky it passes Your time is restricted. You'' ' ' re sitting there viewing this, and you'' ' ' re thinking, “My God, I ' ' m going to alter something. I'' ' ' ll notify you what shouldn ' ' t be doing.

When you start to feel that you are in a position that you put on'' ' ' t love your life then embarassment on you! Life has a present, a present of offering, a present of getting and whether if it'' ' ' s bad or excellent, you got to make sure you comprehend that these situations and these troubles has to take place in your life.


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Alas Ngerr

Alas Ngerr

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