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As you probably already know, apple just had their annual september event where they released their new apple watch series 6, and they did something this year that they usually don’t do. They released a budget apple watch se model alongside the premium series 6. and to make choosing a new watch even more difficult, they’re continuing to sell the series 3 model, which is now on sale on amazon for only 169, making it 110 less expensive than the apple watch se and 230 less expensive than the series six.


The point that i’m making is that it’s probably never been more tough for new apple watch buyers to choose the right model for your needs and your budget or potentially for your child. Thanks to the new family setup feature which i’ll get into in just a minute. So what i’m gon na do in this Blog is explain every single difference between those three apple watch models, and then i’m gon na recommend one for each different use case.

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If you already have an apple watch and you’re thinking of upgrading to the series 6 .

Which Apple Watch Should You Buy in 2021?

Now, getting back to the difference between the three apple watch models, the biggest visible change is the available finishes. The series 3 just gets silver or space great aluminum, while the se adds gold aluminum, but the series 6 goes all out. Adding two brand new aluminum finishes blue and product red.

On top of that, you can choose unique, stainless steel or titanium finishes, but those models are priced much higher than the others. The se and series 6 also come with a case. That’S 11 percent thinner than the one on the series 3., so it helps them feel a little bit more premium. But by far the most important feature that i think holds the most value is the fact that the series 3 uses the smaller legacy display.


That is squared off, while the other two have larger displays with rounded corners, which feel much more modern and make it easier to read. What’S on the display.

Another interesting point is that, while the series 3 supports some of the new watch faces, it’s limited to a smaller version like the fire watch face, and there are a lot of new watch faces that are only available on the series 4 or newer apple watch models.


Another difference is found on the back with the ceramic and sapphire crystal back on the series 6 and se. Instead of a composite back for the series 3 and as you can see, the new back looks much more modern.



That’S also because the new watches come with the 2nd gen optical heart sensor, a better accelerometer that can measure up to 32 g, which allows it to enable the fall detection feature which can automatically notify a designated contact or the authorities if it detects a fall and No further movement, the new sc and series 6 also get a built-in compass and always on altimeter a speaker.

That’S 50 louder. Haptic feedback built into the digital crown 32 gigabytes of storage, instead of only 8 gigabytes on the series 3 and a better microphone which enables the noise monitoring feature in terms of spec differences.


They both get ltpo displays which are more efficient. They both get apple’s updated. W3 wireless chip, which is also more efficient, they both get bluetooth 5 and perhaps the biggest deal is the fact that the series 3 cannot be configured with lce cellular service, so it has to be in range of your iphone or using wi-fi. This means that the series 3 doesn’t get international emergency calling, but it does support emergency sos only if your iphone is nearby. The series 6 and sc can do this by themselves.

If you buy an lce model and because of that, you can use family setup, which means that you can set up an apple watch without requiring an iphone which is perfect for kids in terms of performance.

The series 3

The series 3 comes with the s3 chip. The se gets the s5 chip and the series 6 gets the s6 chip. We personally found the s3 chip to be a little bit too slow with the s5 being perfectly smooth.

So we’re not sure if the brand new s6 chip in the series 6 is gon na make that big of a difference in the real world. Surprisingly, all three of these models have the same 50 meters of water resistance.

They can all notify you of any heart rate discrepancies and they all have the same 18 hours of rated battery life as far as the bands, they all support the same ones, even the brand new solo loop. But since the case on the series 3 is slightly smaller, you should probably order a slightly larger band to account for the difference now before we finally get into our apple watch buyer’s guide.



There are a couple of features that are exclusive to the series 6 that i want to mention. It of course, gets the always on display which stays dimly lit, instead of simply shutting off when it’s in standby mode, and it’s now two and a half times brighter than on the series 5, when in always on mode, it also gets the exclusive ecg test feature And the brand new blood oxygen measurement feature which can be a huge deal for people with health issues.

How much is Apple Watch costing

On top of that, it’s the very first apple watch to support the 5 gigahertz band, wi-fi connection and it’s the first to get apple’s new ultra wideband chip, which could enable some really cool features down the road.

So there you guys go. There are all the differences between those apple watch models and with that, let’s get into the buyer’s guide. If you’re someone who really cares about the fashion aspect of owning an apple watch – and you don’t really have a limited budget, then the series 6 is probably the best choice for you, because it comes in the largest variety of finishes.

New Features

So you can, for example, get a gold stainless steel case and a matching chain link band which looks very premium. On top of that, the series 6 supports the always-on display, making it look more like a real watch when you’re not using it. And, of course, it comes with the best specs and all the new unique features like ecg blood, oxygen monitoring and the u1 chip.

But i’d say that if those features don’t really matter much to you and you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, then the apple watch. Se is probably the best choice because it packs the same design and almost all of the same features as the series. 6



The most important one is the larger display with rounded corners, which makes the biggest difference for day-to-day use. The s5 chip isn’t as fast, but in our experience it performs very well and doesn’t limit you in any way like the series 3’s s3 chip does.

It also gets the same 2nd gen, sensors, 32 gigs of storage and improvements like the better speaker and microphone. Now, if you simply just want a basic apple watch for the absolute best price, especially if you just want it to track your heart rate and other metrics for fitness and workouts, you really can’t beat the 169 dollar sale on amazon, which we have links to down.

In the description below you can still use all the same bands but you’re limited to the silver and space gray. Aluminum finishes: you don’t get the full selection of watch faces, but you probably don’t mind if you’re going with that model, you don’t get the best specs like, for example, bluetooth, 4.2, the older w2 chip and just 8 gigs of storage. But that probably doesn’t matter that much to you, if you just need a simple apple watch for a great price. However, there is one major mistake you need to avoid. If you’re considering the apple watch series 3

The series 3

If you’re thinking of getting it as a gift for an elderly person or if you’re buying it for your child to take advantage of the new family setup feature, the series 3 is not going to cut it because it doesn’t support lte cellular service. So they’ll have to have an iphone to set it up. This new feature is absolutely great if your child is not quite old enough to have their own cell phone, but you still want to keep track of their location and be able to call them at any time, knowing that they can pick up your phone call right From their wrist and for that, the new cellular model of the apple watch sc is the absolute best bang for your buck, starting at 329.


Since service providers charge significantly less per month to connect a smart watch compared to a dedicated smartphone line, and your kids will also get the added benefit of all the fitness features which can help encourage them to exercise. But if your child or an elderly person has certain health issues, it may be a good idea to get the series 6 model to take advantage of the blood, oxygen monitoring and ecg testing features, but that does bring the price up to 500 instead of 329. for the apple watch sc, so with all that said, if this Blog helped you make a purchasing decision, you can find the link below to get the best prices.

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